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Rental cars in Panama

Europcar arrives in Panama to offer mobility solutions that allow you to keep pace with this vibrant capital of Latin America full of contrasts, with a vibrant financial center, a peaceful and picturesque old town that has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and one of the largest engineering works in the world: the famous Panama Canal.

The car rental in Panama City will be the perfect complement for the trip you are planning, regardless of the reason for the trip, business or vacation, you will have a means that will allow you to make the most of your time while traveling the destination in a comfortable and safe. At Europcar Panama we know how important it is to arrive on time to all your business appointments in the financial center of Panama City, so you can find car rentals at the Panama airport and drive through Balboa Avenue to get to the point where your meeting is going to take place. If instead, your plan is a family trip or a couple, with car rental in Panama City you will find sedans to enjoy comfortably and in the company of your family of such a fantastic destination. You can also rent small and cheap cars for your trip as a couple.

With the car rental service in Panama City you can have the autonomy to take the route you want and reach the most extraordinary places that hide this destination. Choose cheap car rental and drive a small car ideal for trips with friends or as a couple; If you prefer you can choose the sedans car rental in Panama City and travel comfortably with your family; Choose to rent vans or Vans in Panama City when traveling with 4 or up to 6 more companions; If your thing is to travel with style you can choose the luxury car rental in Panama City and drive a car of your favorite brand to enjoy a pleasant experience during your stay in the City of the famous canal.

What do I need to rent a car in Panama City?

To rent a car in Panama City you only need:

  • Identity card or passport

Residents of Panama can present their identity card; foreigners must present Passport as identification for the driver (s).

  • Current driver's license

The license or driver's license can be the one issued in your country of origin or you can present the international driver's license, both are accepted in Europcar Panama with the condition that they are valid.

  • International credit card

To rent a car in Panama City requires a credit card issued by a banking institution in Panama or any other country provided you have enabled purchases abroad. It is important that the credit card has a sufficient credit limit for the retention of the car's franchise.

  • Minimum age of the driver
The driver or drivers must be at least 25 years old. Although the minimum age to rent a car in Panama City is 18 years of age, drivers under the age of 25 are considered novice drivers, so an additional charge is required for all drivers between the ages of 18 and 24. years of age and that must be paid when picking up the car.

Car rental in Panama City with insurance included

At Europcar Panama we offer you various insurance that will reinforce your security and protect your pocket when renting a car in Panama City. Before booking you can choose the ones you consider necessary, however, remember that to rent cars in Panama you must include at least the following insurances:

Insurance for car rental in Panama City

  • PLI - Civil liability or damages to third parties
  • CDW - Protection against collision and damage
  • THW - Protection against theft
After choosing these insurances you can book a rental car with final price, without hidden expenses and without surprises when picking up the car at our car rental office in Panama.

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Mastar card, visa
Mastar card, visa

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