Cancellation policy and lease conditions

Cancellation policy and No-Show

  • Reservations with online payment are not refundable but may be used at a later date than originally reserved as long as the change is made through the customer service center 48 hours before the date to pick up the rental car.
  • Reservations with online payment do not apply refunds if the client does not show up to pick up the rental car (No Show).
  • Reservations with online payment do not apply refunds for delivering the car in advance.
  • Reservations with payment in the office do not generate cancellation or no show charges.

Rental policies and conditions

  • A valid credit card is required at the moment of signing the contract for the deposit by guarantee (10% of the value of the car, this deposit varies according to the Insurance / Coverage contracted and your card will be blocked by the amount that the lessor determines). At the end of the contract, the guarantee is returned. Mandatory valid driving license, in case the document is expired, an extra amount will be charged.
  • Minimum age of the driver: 18 years.
  • Drivers under the age of 25 have an additional charge.
  • Rate includes unlimited mileage.
  • Most of our vehicles are equipped with electric locks, power control, tape or CD player and M / FM radio.
  • The photographs on the web, such as brands and models shown are merely illustrative. Vehicles can only be reserved by category (ACRISS), unless the availability of a specific model has been confirmed normally, however, Europcar Panamá guarantees only the reserved category. All groups and categories shown may not be available in all locations of Europcar Panamá.
  • If the car is not available at the time of making the contract, another car of the same category will be assigned, if there is no other car in the same category, a car of the above category will be offered at no cost.
  • In the event of an accident, the customer will be responsible for reporting the incident immediately to the rental office or assistance phones and duly sign the accident report at the end of the rental, otherwise the coverage will be invalid and the corresponding amount will be charged valued of the damage directly to the client.
  • In case the client does not respect the clauses of the lease that he signed in the office where the car was delivered, the coverage or insurance sold will be null.
  • The units must be returned under normal conditions at the end of the lease.
  • Any missing gasoline and damages will be charged in addition to the rent.
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Mastar card, visa
Mastar card, visa

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