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Europcar Panamá offers you a series of insurance packages that will allow you to make your reservations without so much trouble, in a clear, simple and fast, without confusing information, so there will be no doubt or uncertainty about yourself when collecting the you will need to pay more for your rental car.

Choose between 3 levels of protection the one that best suits your lifestyle, from the basic, with what it takes to rent cars in Panamá without hidden charges or surprises when you pick up the atuo, up to a broad coverage with the premium coverage of Europcar Panamá.

Car rental with insurance included: Insurance packages.

Know here everything you need to know about Europcar Panamá insurance packages and free to reserve without fear of hidden charges, insurance is already included.

Basic insurance package

The basic insurance package that we offer in Europcar Panamá is designed to avoid messes when picking up the car, with this insurance package the necessary insurance will be included to rent a car in Panamá, so you will know the final price from the First moment and we will avoid surprises when you reach your destination.

The basic insurance package will include the three main insurance that you need to rent a car in Panamá; With this package you get.

  • PLI - Liability insurance
  • CDW - Collision and damage insurance
  • THW - Theft insurance

Civil liability insurance or damages to third parties will cover you in case of causing damage with the rental vehicle to an individual or third party, but does not cover the damage to the rented vehicle; With the collision and damage insurance, however, you will be covered in case of damages to the rented vehicle, with a franchise equivalent to 10% of the value of the reserved car; With the theft insurance you will also be protected in case of total theft of the vehicle, with a similar franchise to collision and damage insurance.

Insurance package Medium

The mid-level insurance package will provide you with greater protection during your trip, with the average insurance package, in addition to the basic package insurance, on your trip you will have:

  • RSA - Road assistance
  • PAI - Occupant Medical Expenses
  • WWI - Crystals and tire

Thus, with the Medium package you will have roadside assistance in case of any situation that may arise, such as running out of fuel or helping you change a tire (keep in mind that the fuel provided and the repair of the flat tire generate additional charges); With medical expenses insurance, your companions will be covered for accidents that involve the rental car, for injuries or injuries that may suffer. We hope you never have to need to take this insurance; the glass and tire protection insurance will keep you covered in case of damage to this part of the vehicle, with a 20% deductible.

The average level of protection for your trip is not included in the published price, however you can choose it when making your reservation online and the price will automatically be adjusted. The difference is usually not too much compared to the price with basic insurance. In addition, by purchasing the insurance package you reduce the amount of the franchise for the rental car.

Premium insurance package

With the Premium insurance package you will have ample coverage, when purchasing the basic package insurance, the mid-level insurance and the 0% deductible coverage insurance (SPLDW).

Insurance included:

The above-mentioned coverage will only apply if the customer abides by the clauses in the rental contract, which means that any breach of contract will annul the protection and the customer will then assume full responsibility for all damages incurred.

  • Basic package +
  • Medium package +
  • SPLDW - Insurance coverage 0% deductible

Travel completely protected with the premium insurance package and reduce the amount of the Franchise for the rental of the vehicle to the minimum.

This package can be chosen for an additional amount when making the reservation online, adjusting the price so that you can book with a final rate, without worries for additional charges when picking up the vehicle.

What are the benefits of renting a car with insurance packages?

  • You save more than acquiring insurance separately (individually).
  • You know the final price for renting your car.
  • You know the amount for the franchise.
  • You choose the level of protection with which you wish to travel.
  • Avoid messes and bad times when picking up the car, the rate published in Europcar Panamá is final.
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